Holiday Treats - Or, Sharing a Table

Fresh off pouring at the whirlwind Opening Round tasting of the Garagiste Festival (so nice to meet so many new friends of the j.brix!), we're greatly anticipating the holiday season and all the delicious food and wine it promises. We'd be happy to have our wines on your holiday table, and so we've put together a little offering that provides a wine to pair with every flavor you'll be cooking up.

Riesling and Pinot Noir; holiday classics, to be sure, and ours are so food-friendly, you'll want to refill your glass a time or two throughout the meal. At just 11.2 and 12 percent alcohol, respectively, you can enjoy without wooziness. Carignan is likely to be a newcomer to your table, and with its warmth and structure, will deftly handle anything that's roasted. (Also, we made just 57 cases, and it's nearly sold out.) California, order yours here - the forecast looks great, so as of now, we can ship without delay. Happy holidays!