Garagistes for Real - Or, Festival Time!

Five years ago, when the crazy idea struck to make a few barrels of wine in our garage, we started this blog to chronicle the process. We called it "Garagistes-in-Traning." The proudest early moment of our inaugural vintage was when a Very Talented and Then-Soon-To-Be-(Now-)Famous winemaker visited the garage, tasted what we'd made, and opined it was time to remove the "in training" from our moniker. (Is it any wonder we've been fast friends ever since?)

Five years later, we're getting ready to pour at the Paso Robles Garagiste Festival! We'll be so happy to see friends old and new at the Opening Round evening on Friday, November 7, where we'll be pouring next to 19 other out-of-town wineries, most of whom, like we, are too small-production to be available in tasting rooms. We're looking forward to meeting everyone - if you can, please, come join us! As of this writing, a few tickets still are available: Buy Tickets!