Life, Again - Or, Love and Trust and Vines

With budbreak in the vineyards and Spring officially on the calendar, the subconscious countdown has begun to the 2014 harvest. We're very excited about new prospects - vineyard and varietal - coming this year! We're also looking forward to another season of continuing to get to know the treasured vineyards we've had the pleasure of working with in vintages past.

Budbreak in the Riesling, Kick On Ranch

A relationship with a vineyard is similar to one with a person. The chemistry has to be there immediately for things to take off; and then, the real work of love begins. The understanding, of just how they like to be treated (and, how they don't). The way they react to the forces outside anyone's control - and how you respond to their reaction. The realization that you want to be together; that you value the time spent in their company; that you care deeply enough to sacrifice, and even suffer, in their service. You long for them to shine. You know they can shine. You trust them to shine.

And when they do, you are proud to know, and love, them.

Earth and Sky and Grenache, Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard
A new year's worth of stories, held in the vine. Anything (everything) is possible, now.