And In the End - Or, The Love You Take

Another harvest glows in the looking back. The sunrise picks, physical labor, endless driving, winery sleepovers, primary fermentations, pressing; it is finished. The 24-hour days are behind us now, and we are thankful. We are thankful for the bounty of this growing season that brought us fruit in measures we did not expect. We are thankful for smooth and beautiful ferments, for healthy fruit that knew what to do, and did it. Especially because we first started making wine with no plan – save a compelling love for these vineyards – we are thankful to have become a real winery, able to share the wines with those who enjoy and appreciate them, and the places from which they come.

We ended Harvest 2013 with the pressing of our San Diego old-vine Carignan, which happily coincided with the release of the 2012 version; and the waiting on one tank of Riesling to get just dry enough to bottle for a pétillant naturel, which happened. As we had so much more riesling fruit than we'd thought, we allocated some of the press juice to this new project. We're hoping our first pet nat will be ready for an early Spring 2014 release, fizzy and delicious.

In pictures:

2012 Rougarou Carignan - all gone
2013 Rougarou Carignan - now living in almost 3 neutral barrels

Here is what it looks like en route to the winery (in traffic)

Chris and Jody muse the bubbles fantastic
The bubbles fantastic