Remains of the Days - Or, Like it or Not

Since the last update, we've:
  • Made one trip for more Santa Barbara Highlands grenache (viva La Libresca!)
  • Made another trip for Kick On Ranch riesling, Alamo Creek syrah, and two 600-liter neutral puncheons
  • Barreled down the Pinot Noir
  • Destemmed most of the grenache and left the rest whole-cluster; currently watching it all move through a gorgeous, slow fermentation
  • Blown a tire in the rented refrigerated truck, on the way to the riesling pick
  • Suffered a 5-hour drive in acres of traffic after waiting almost 3 hours on the side of the 405 for the tire to be fixed; subsequently missed Emily's pre-birthday-pre-harvest dinner at Flatbread with the Forlorn Hope crew (grumble grumble)
  • Ended up with a record riesling harvest ... 8 tons came off our Kick On rows, which we share with Matthew (we just like to share things; so far our official 50-50 tally includes a giant lamb and an acre of ridiculously prolific riesling)
  • Spent a whole night at the winery pressing riesling, and riesling, and more riesling (where are we going to put all this riesling?)
Now, our days are filled with punchdowns and labeling and cleaning equipment, and imagining an October in which none of these things will be taking place any longer (this early harvest is a bit mind-altering). 

In pictures:

Santa Barbara Highlands at dawn, for La Libresca

Grenache glory

Gettin' dirty

Tractor ride

Meanwhile, back at the winery: THE UNCONTAINABLE

Pinot Noir in the press: Audire!

A chunk of the tire that felled our pre-riesling dinner plans. Goblin curses!

The Green Goblin. We caught you, we did! Give up the gold!

Matthew's harvest hands, Kick On Ranch.

Oh, Los Angeles. I love you so, LA, but give us a break every once in awhile!

Nothing but berries: Syrah, Alamo Creek Vyd., destemmed