Here We Go - Or, Feel Me Flow

Usually, there's a bit of time at the end of the summer to wax about harvest: ideas, dreams, musings. This year, though, harvest came on like a freight train. The kind you have to run alongside, grab onto and swing yourself atop, if you want to take a ride.

Riding the rails

This week, we started harvest with a first for the crew: three picks in the same day. We first brought in (as always, perfect) Santa Barbara Highlands grenache for the 2013 Uncontainable Vin Gris; then, swung around the 100-odd miles to Kick On Ranch for absolutely lovely Pinot gris and Pinot noir. We then commenced our first crush at the new facility; where we are greatly thrilled to be working round the clock (and sharing a regular smorgasbord of takeout meals) with San Diego's finest. So, while the pressed vin gris settles in tank before moving to barrel for fermentation, and while the whole-berry Pinot Noir's busy fermenting in bins, and while the Pinot Gris is busy fermenting in the kvevri on skins and stems, we're busy planning our next picks. Meanwhile, here, in pictures, is Harvest 2013 so far:

The Uncontainable, coming.

I love everything about this fruit, the place it grows, and the wine it's soon to be.

T, almost 14, who's making a barrel of vin gris this year for her 8th grade project, pulls the few leaves she can find from the bins before they're loaded.

As they have since the 2011 vintage, a wild flock of white doves came to greet us, and the Uncontainable-to-be. Las palomas sabias, gracias.

Kick On Ranch fog, enveloping rows of Pinot noir

Back at the winery, the grenache enters the press

View from the press pan; the Uncontainable comes

Pinot gris Pool Party, c. 2013

Beneath these monogrammed sheets? Pinot gris, kvevri style

Miles to go - but Harvest 2013's absolutely stunning so far, and we truly can't wait for what's next. We'll keep you posted!