Moving On Up - Or, Piece of the Pie

The j.brix crew, long accustomed to making wine in small spaces, couldn't be happier to announce we'll have a new - quite spacious - home in time for harvest. We're excited to be moving along with our friends Chris & Alysha, winemakers for San Diego's own Vesper Vineyards and Stehleon Vineyards, into an Escondido facility that will house all three wineries.

The door to the future. My, that's a big door!

Behind the door to the future. My, that's a lot of room!

One great benefit to all that room: We'll be making more wine this year. Lovers of the pink; you'll be glad to know there will be more Uncontainable to go around (I like everything about that sentence). Friends of the Riesling; the bounty of our recently contracted vineyard rows will determine just how many bottles of The Augur end up in your hands, but looking at the beautiful fruit set, it appears that will be a higher number than ever before.

2013 The Augur, rising

Around the winery, the summer months usually feel steady and languid, as we slowly build mental and physical stamina for Fall's intense work. This summer, though, promises to be a busy time! We look forward to the change, to the challenge, and to the rewards both will bring. 

A new chapter of the story begins.