(the hornswoggle) is Coming - Or, Now

It is time.

West Coast:  (the hornswoggle) is coming.

East Coast: (the hornswoggle) is coming.

Guard the doors - and your glasses. Prepare for pleasure in spades. Above all:

West Coast: Thursday, May 9. BUZZ Wine Beer Shop, downtown Los Angeles. 7-11 pm. Magnums only. The only magnums. Of this wine. (Twelve.) The j.brix crew will be pouring for you during Downtown LA Art Walk; any bottles left unopened, should there be any, will be up for grabs on the shelves. Therein lies the entire West Coast (the hornswoggle) experience. (Come experience.)

East Coast: Zev takes possession this month of the entirety of the 750-ml collection (eight cases); he'll soon be hitting the streets of New York, offering them up for adoption. Where they'll land is a mystery, begging to be solved. If you're keen to find out, do stay tuned. Perhaps one or two, or more, might go home with you? As someone once said: Never underestimate (the hornswoggle)