Spring, Again - Or, Just Out of Reach

Thanks to friends old and new who came out to BUZZ for the release of (the hornswoggle) magnums, and a taste of all the wines we wish we still had. It was a lovely night.

Jody pours an off-the-list glass of bubbles at the BUZZ release

Now, as spring settles in comfortably, and our vines thrive and stretch in the warm days and cool nights (not a flower lost to frost this year - rejoice!), we wait in that peculiar and delightful space of it's-coming-but-it's-not-here-now. (See St. Augustine: "Make me chaste, but not just yet.")

The hard work will be upon us, this we know. But first, summer comes! 

Each season brings its own mood, its own soul; spring leaves unfurl in their coppery haze and work while they play, reaching for the higher, expanding, extending the outward energy necessary for the summer's months to take over the work of developing, ripening.

Pinot Noir, Kick On Ranch, Spring 2013. Audire.

We take our cue, these days, from Spring. Reach skyward, turn your face and your heart to the sun. Grow, because you must. There will be time soon to soak it in, and swell, and prepare for what comes next. But for now, grow. 

This is the season.