Spring, Released - Or, Bloomy Deliciousness

Spring is making itself visible here, and to celebrate, the j.brix crew is pleased to offer a brand-new release of three wines: a pink, a white, and a red. Who's making their debut, you ask? (Join the mailing list, and next time you'll be the first to know!) We're introducing:

  • '12 Uncontainable Vin Gris of Grenache (Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard)
  • '10 The Augur Riesling (Kick On Ranch Vineyard)
  • '11 La Belle Rêveuse Syrah (Alamo Creek Vineyard)

If you'd like to procure any of these tiny-production goodies (23, 18 and 25 cases, respectively), let us know at your earliest convenience. They won't be around for very long!

Wild Mustard: Coastal California's Unmistakable Sign of Spring

We look forward to sharing the wines; to the longer days ahead; to glorious springtime; and to the new growing season, nearly ready to burst into bloom. Let us take Nature's cue, and riotously celebrate life!