In the Pink - Or, Coming Soon

Pink wine: one of the most favorite topics of this blog, and one of the most favorite wines to make and drink here at JB-HQ. We're pleased to report we've gotten all 23 cases of 2012 Uncontainable Vin Gris of Grenache safely under cork; it'll soon be headed out into the world, just in time to herald spring's arrival on both coasts. The third vinous incarnation of That Which Cannot Be Held Captive, this version is the first to be whole-cluster pressed, which seems to have added an exciting new layer of complexity and aromatics to this year's Uncontainable. If you're keen to snag a bottle or six, be sure you've signed up for the mailing list so you can pounce when it's released in early March! We don't have much, and it won't be around for long...

The 2012 Uncontainable on its birthday morn; coming soon to a glass near you!

Also recently bottled, though it won't be ready for quite some time: 2012 The Augur Riesling. Look for the 2010 to pop up just in time for this year's Summer of Riesling.

Along with the brand-new Uncontainable, our upcoming release also will feature the 2011 Alamo Creek Vineyard La Belle Rêveuse Syrah - our first vintage from this vineyard, and a wine with which we're absolutely thrilled. This bottling is a great example of what can happen in a year with enough winter rain to allow the vines to be dry-farmed; and enough cool, sunny days to allow the fruit to develop incredible flavors at a ripeness level translating to 12.5 percent alcohol in the finished wine.

So, dear friends, we have a great deal to look forward to, and we thank you for joining in the fun. Toward rosé season!