A Night to Remember - Or, Make More Wine

The Santa Barbara Club hosted our very first winemaker dinner last night. It was a shameless vinous/culinary extravaganza, with four wines by the j.brix crew, and five deliciously paired courses by Full of Life Flatbread, poured and prepared for 45 delightful guests. The famed Flatbread mobile oven made an appearance. (Yes, a small tree had to be removed to get it on the hallowed premises - est. 1892 - but such are the prices we pay for these experiences, no?) If you want to get hungry (and thirsty), take a look at the menu.

The Hearth & the j.brix come to Santa Barbara: A Veritable Smorgasbord

What a fantastic time! We enjoyed every minute (not unlike the folks at Coachella, I'm sure), and the club members enjoyed the wine enough that we're now sold out of, well, almost everything. D'oh! We're going to need a bigger... fermentor? Something's gotta give; the growing pains are being felt here at JB-HQ. There's a bit of Pinot Noir & Grenache still on the West Coast in a few places, and the East Coast soon will have its own wee allotment of Grenache, Pinot Noir & Riesling - but it's not enough! So. The j.brix 2013 resolution:

Make More Wine

This looks like one we can keep.