Cold Nights, Warm Hearts - Or, Winter Comes

The nights are cold enough now for the vines to sleep; to begin that bare, glorious winter rest, focusing silent growth energy toward the renewal to come. We'd like nothing more than to join them in their slumber, but instead, we're monitoring the 2012 vintage in barrel (and kvevri!), hand-labeling bottles, and anticipating the East Coast debut of the j.brix in New York after the new year. Details to come...

In the Kvevri

Speaking of that kvevri, the Pinot gris in the beeswax-lined vessel has been on the skins for nearly four months. Every time we pull a sample, we find a freshness and electric vibrancy that's unlike anything else we've tasted. What will this wine become? In the words of Willy Wonka:

"The suspense is killing me. I hope it'll last."

Keep the suspense going, do

The Dreamer

Moon over Alamo Creek

Our recently bottled, soon to be released 2011 La Belle Rêveuse Syrah? Ah, a new iteration of this wine; the third vintage, the third wholly different version. 2011's growing season - long and cool, with a rainy spring that allowed these vines to be completely dry-farmed - brought us the gift of incredible flavors and balance at a finished 12.5 percent alcohol. 

While we wait for it to benefit from a bit of bottle age, we're sitting on our hands to keep from opening multiple bottles of the first j.brix Syrah from the Alamo Creek Vineyard. There won't be much, but what we have will be offered to the mailing list first - sign up if you're keen!

We wish you the happiest of holidays, and thank you for your interest in the project. Cheers from the j.brix crew!