Farewell, Harvest 2012 - Or, Out of the Vineyards and Into the Cellar

November. November? A month past the final pick of Harvest 2012, things have settled down enough to ... well, they haven't really settled down at all. Nonetheless, a quick update from the j.brix crew:

Exit the Uncontainable

The 2011 Uncontainable Vin Gris of Grenache is officially sold out, though Los Angeles folks still may be able to find it at The Hungry Cat, Salt's Cure and Superba Snack Bar. For Central Coast friends, I think there's still a bit at Full of Life Flatbread. We're pleased but also sad, as we don't even have a stash of our own to carry us through the winter. The good news: 2012's barrel of Uncontainable can't wait to get into the bottle, and into your hands, in time for Spring 2013. Patience!

Riesling Roundup

Beautiful and delicious as ever, the Kick On Ranch riesling crop was stellar this year. Lunar, too - it spent its last night on the vines under the October harvest moon. (We only wish we had more, more.) The 2011 bottling's almost gone; the 2010's still awaiting release; and early signs indicate 2012 may combine ideal aspects of both. It's all rather spine-tingling.

The Goblin, just after bidding its vines a proper farewell

Fermentation Sensation - Go, Native!

Carignan Corner

For the first time, a San Diego County old-timer joined the Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo whippersnapper gang in the cellar - and immediately tried to show everyone who was boss. Carignan fruit from 30+ year-old survivor vines rooted in Pauma Valley (you've read all the details in the recent Fall release, if you're a mailing list subscriber) brought a completely new flavor to the mix. As we've gotten to know it better, we've found it seems to possess a vinous personality even more endearing and interesting than we could have imagined. It has a name, already, too, perfectly suited for the traits the wine's already displayed. We look forward both to watching those traits develop, and revealing the Carignan's moniker, when the time is just right. When will that be? We shall see what we shall see.

Thanks for the memories, Harvest 2012

Syrah Scene

Waiting on this pick from Alamo Creek Vineyard involved nail-biting weather-watching and subsequent bouts of insomnia.

The fruit was very close to being ready, but not just quite, for weeks. A few heat waves in a row brought it ripe - thankfully, not overripe - in the first week of October. We destemmed about half of it, by hand. (Seriously. As in, with hands. Don't ask.) It underwent several days of whole-berry/whole-cluster maceration before it was foot-trod most delicately, with daily pigeage during fermentation (ensuring Emily the purplest toes for many weeks to come). The 2011 version of this wine is soon to be bottled; watch this space for more details, but suffice it to say: We're very excited.

What Now?

As mentioned above, the Fall release hit some of your inboxes not too long ago - if you didn't receive it and you'd like to, please join the mailing list and we'll send it right out to you. We have two new wines ready to go - one for the very first time ever! While the Uncontainable sleeps 'til spring, everything else in the release is (as of this writing) still available in limited quantities for purchase. We'd love for you to enjoy it - perhaps at your Thanksgiving table. If you have any questions, just ask. A toast toward winter!