Top Secret - Or, Just the Stirring

There's this top-secret project we're working on for the 2012 vintage. And, while the details must remain under wraps for the time being, I can say: იმის უკან აკვანი. (That's all.)

Not made by humans. Whatever is it? Stay tuned...

In other news, we'll soon be off to check the vineyards, and see how Spring is treating them. The 2011 wines, both bottled and in barrel, continue to develop in a most exciting way – could it be the most delicious vintage yet? Still, always, so much to find out. 

House Wines

We also have this box in the house at the moment, which can't help but inspire happiness. Who's coming over?

The j.brix Spring house white ... gorgeous López de Heredia  2002 Viña Gravonia

Keen to Visit?

If the 10-year-old Rioja won't get you here, perhaps the chance to taste through the lineup of current releases will? Yes, we've got a little fête planned for later this month, and we'd be happy to see friends of the j.brix if you'll be in the San Diego area, and would like to stop by. Send an email!

Beware/Embrace the cellar time-warp