Labeling Time - Or, Hands On

Winemaking doesn't stop when you put the wine in the bottle. Oh, maybe your personal regular interaction with the wine stops at that point, but for those of us who hand-bottle without benefit of a truck featuring a one-stop bottling/corking/labeling line, the happy feat of bottled wine quickly leaves you realizing those lovely, shiny bottles you've just individually filled and corked, well, they need something. An important something. 

Look at those pretty labels, all on a roll. How do they get on those bottles, you might wonder?

Photo © Kevin T. Vu for Imbibe Magazine

The answer: Rather like the rest of the winemaking process ... time, patience, attention to detail; and a sore back at the end of the day. But at least you know at each step, every bottle of the j.brix is infused with hands-on love.

It's the way of things, when you make wine in this fashion, and it's OK. For all the thoughts of simply having a machine roll your labels onto your bottles for you, something fits about doing it yourself, one by one, as a meditation. There is, seemingly, no easy way in the garagiste life; but there is a good way. 

It is this we seek.