In Which People Pit the j.brix Against Various Cult Wines

Greetings, Friends, G(r)eeks, Romans, Countrymen:

Well! We've gotten some pretty fascinating feedback of late re the 2009 j.brix collection. It's so interesting to hear what people think of the wines, especially as we've gotten down to the point where hardly any of the '09 vintage is left on our end. Sadly, we don't have enough for any more cellar tasting parties (at least until the next vintage is ready, and then it's party time once more). Lately, the wines seem to be on an East Coast swing, being poured by (1) my mom ... and yeah, she likes them; or (2) Very Serious Wine People at Dinners Where They Also Pour Cult Wines.

It's best that we don't know when these Very Serious vinous gatherings are occurring, as the whole idea is completely frightening to us, not being members of the Cult Wine, er, cult. And yet, we've received after-the-fact statements we wouldn't even know how to make up if we were, well, making things up. Pour votre plaisir, dear friends, we present a sample of recent emails:

Exhibit A: "After the Sassicaia" 

Subject: Your wine was a hit in Baltimore!!

> Em & Jody, As planned, we poured your La Belle Reveuse blind at a gathering of 8 fellow 'winos' on Tuesday.  This group gathers occasionally to taste - and teach each other - about Italian wines.  Your wine was poured in good company.  At least half of what we had were wines listed in Joseph Bastianich's book of Italy's 89 finest wines.

> As we passed it around, the group was told nothing about the wine.  They immediately went to California, with a few guessing Australia.  One person opined that it was sangiovese, probably more because of the company in which it was placed than its actual flavor.  Comments included, "lovely" "ripe fruit" "eucalyptus".  Everyone LOVED it!!  Towards the end of the evening - after we tasted the Sassicaia - we re-tasted your wine and it was still a favorite.

Exhibit B: "Next to the Sine Qua Non"

Subject: another tasting of your wine


Em & Jody,

>We brought your La Belle Reveuse with us to Avalon this weekend.  Our host brought out a bottle of Sine Qua Non, The Ventriloquist 2001 that we learned was a 80% Grenache + Syrah.  This was a somewhat mature wine with restrained fruit and a firm finish. It seemed like the perfect time to open your wine.  Everyone loved the J Brix!  Much more forward and approachable at first, it showed as more forward fruit to the Ventriloquist's more restrained (and rather closed) flavor profile.  Several people opined that they'd like to see what the La Belle Reveuse would taste like in 8 years.  After an hour or so in the glass, it was hard to tell the difference between the two wines!!

We'll be quiet and let the back label speak:

With love, until next time...