In Which Emily and Jody Face Economic Reality Throwing a Wrench in the Machine

Lindsay Bluth: "You sold the jet? Why don't you just take out an ad in 'I'm Poor' Magazine?"

If you get this quote immediately, you and I have no more business to discuss. Read on. If not, please immediately Netflix all seasons of "Arrested Development;" watch them; and check back later.

So. The economy. Blah blah blah. B-O-R-I-N-G. Check out our ad in 'I'm Poor' Magazine. Or not. In any event, the latest is that we're moving. It has to happen, so we're doing it now - so that we'll be relocated in time for harvest to make our wine. In the process, we've discovered a couple of things:
* Craigslist is so unfortunately populated with skeevy scumbags
* Craigslist is so absolutely necessary for finding (a)subleasers and (b)new housing
* If something on Craigslist sounds super-reasonably priced for a good-sized house in a great area, it must mean there's a child molester living directly across the street (thank you, CA Megan's Law website).

Our non-negotiable criteria for a new place: Garage for winemaking. (Also: no child molesters living directly across the street.) Yesterday, we found something that looked promising - we'll find out on Monday whether it'll be our new home. I've written a pithy post to put on Monday's Craigslist rental listings (who says majoring in English/Creative Writing is useless?) to pimp out our current place - it won't take long to rent it.

Moving is the least favorite thing of my life. I lived in the same house from kindergarten until I went off to college, and ever since then it's been move.move.move.move. I hate it. But the long view is that we'll be in a better place all around - and we'll still be all set to make the vino, which is just ripening up every single day up there in the Highlands ... getting closer and closer to harvest time ... which is when it's really going to get interesting around here (wherever "here" is when the fruit's ready.). Stay tuned! And thanks for reading.