Chardonnay, You Say?

Did we say Chardonnay? We might have. Not on purpose, you see, but when a vineyard calls out to you, well, if you're lucky, you accept the honor of working with whatever it has to offer.

So much California, here. Oh, our beautiful, beloved, golden state. These Gold Country vines are 43 years old, and have forged their whole lives plunging roots into limestone and schist; weathering the regular 50+-degree diurnal shifts of the Murphys climate (HOT in the day and COLD in the night); shrugging off fires and frost like nobody's business.

The wine their gorgeous fruit from 2016 made in our cellar is GROWN, y'all, with no time for any nonsense. So don't bring any. Just get it if you want it. This is liquid gold; 100 percent
C A L I F O R N I A   L O V E.

  • neutral-barrel fermented
  • full malolactic
  • 13 percent alcohol
  • 48 cases produced
  • lord do we love this wine
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